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Bibliothek5. Applying criteria for inclusion and exclusion

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All publications are evaluated in the literature management program applying the previously defined criteria for inclusion and exclusion. Only those sources that survive this selection process will subsequently be analyzed. In the ideal case, even this selection would be carried out by more than one person, with each working independently of one another. The review of the criteria for inclusion and exclusion is primarily based on the title, abstract and subject headings in the databases, as well as on the keywords provided by the authors of a publication.

Within the Citavi literature-management program, you can supplement title data by adding your own fields. In this regard, the criteria for inclusion can be listed individually and marked with 0 in the free text field for being “not fulfilled” and with 1 for being “fulfilled”. In the table view of all titles, you can use the column function to select which columns should be displayed. Here you can include the criteria for inclusion. By exporting the title list to Excel, it is easy to calculate how many titles remain when applying the criteria for inclusion and exclusion.

In addition to the common literature management tools, you can also use software tools that have been developed to support SLRs. The central library of the university in Zurich has published an overview and evaluation of different tools based on a survey among researchers. --> View SLR tools

Forward and backward search

Should it become apparent that the number of sources found is relatively small, or if you wish to proceed with particular thoroughness, a forward-and-backward search based on the sources found is recommendable (Webster & Watson 2002, p. xvi). A backward search means going through the bibliographies of the sources found. A forward search, by contrast, identifies articles that have cited the relevant publications. The Web of Science database provides support in this regard.

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