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Bibliothek7. Synthesizing results

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Once the review has been conducted, the results must be compiled and, on the basis of these, conclusions derived with regard to the research question (Fink 2014, p. 199ff.). This includes, for example, the following aspects:

  • historical development of topics (histogram, time series: when, and how frequently, did publications on the research topic appear?);
  • overview of journals, authors or specialist disciplines dealing with the topic;
  • comparison of applied statistical methods;
  • topics covered by research;
  • identifying research gaps;
  • developing a reference framework;
  • developing constructs;
  • performing a meta-analysis: comparison of the correlations of the results of different empirical studies (see for example Fink 2014, p. 203 on conducting meta-analyses)

See SLR examples and references regarding the methodology.


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