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Reference books at departments

Upon request, Faculty VII professors receive a reference books at departments collection with up to 100 books, which they and their team need continuously. These books are on loan in the department without a specific return period. This service is based on our library collections.

Course reserve collection

With a course reserve collection you can provide selected books for your courses to your students in the library. They can then be used throughout the semester on site.

If you want to set up a course reserve, please contact Claudia Fuls ().

Library classes integrated courses of Faculty VII departments

We offer classes on information literacy, integrated in your courses. We already collaborate successfully with the following departments of Faculty VII:

  • Department of Health Care Management (Prof. Busse)
  • Department of Organization and Corporate Governance (Prof. von Werder) 
  • Department of Strategic Controlling (Prof. Krystek)
  • Department of Strategic Leadership and Global Management (Prof. zu  Knyphausen-Aufseß)
  • Department of Technology and Innovation Management (Prof. Gemünden)
  • WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Systems Research and Management (Prof. Busse)
  • Department of Infrastructure Policy (Prof. von Hirschhausen)


If you are interested to integrate our classes into your lectures, please contact our information literacy team (infokompetenz[at]wm.tu-berlin.de).

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