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Bookable group study rooms


Group study rooms H 4002 - H 4005: equipment

H 4002: up to 8 persons, whiteboard

H 4003 und H 4004: up to 4 persons each, whiteboard

H 4005: up to 4 persons, whiteboard, Barco ClickShare presentation system for sharing the screens

How to book our group study rooms

One group study room is located next to the Reading Room Law and four bookable group study rooms are across from the Statistics open stacks area. The bookable group study rooms are for TU Berlin and UdK students only. Please note that at least a second person for the confirmation for the booking is required.

  • For booking a group study room, two TU or UdK students (student 1 and student 2) must sign in with their personal login one after another: TU students should log in with their TUB account; UdK students should log in with their library card number and password.

Pre-reservation: Student 1 logs in, selects an available time frame (green), chooses the exact time they wish to use the room, and enters student 2’s ID number. Log out.

Reservation: Student 2 logs in and clicks on the pre-reserved time (in light blue) and changes the pre-reservation to a reservation by clicking “Vormerkung bestätigen.” Log out. A pre-reservation expires, if it is not confirmed within one hour.

Cancellation: Student 1 or 2 logs in, clicks on their reserved time, and deletes the reservation.

  • One student can have a maximum of three reservations within one week with a maximum of four hours each
  • The booking expires, if the key for a booked group study room is not picked up from the information desk 30 minutes after the reservation time started
  • Find free time slots and place a reservation: https://services.ub.tu-berlin.de/gruppenraum-dbwm/
  • The keys for the group study rooms, whiteboard markers as well as the BarcoClickShare system for sharing screens of up to four devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops) on a large screen are available at our information desk

Further equipment for group study rooms - please request from information desk


  • Whiteboard marker box
  • Up to four clicks and a remote control of the Barco ClickShare presentation system for sharing the screens of up to four devices (smartphones, laptops) on a large screen in room H 4005


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