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Special locations


Reference desk

Selected media (books, all CDs, some loose-leaf collections) are located here.

Loan availability:

Books and loose-leaf collections: use only at the library

CDs: usually 4 weeks

Faculty VII departments

Up to 100 media from our library are on permanent loan to  Faculty VII departments. If the media you require is among those on permanent loan, the department is displayed in Knowledge Portal Primo as location of the media, e.g. "Chair of Innovation Economics", see list below.

Loan availability:

Usually only use at departments (please contact the department directly).

Stack room

Older books and special collections (e.g. B. Mellerowicz) are located in the stack room. In the card catalogue older literature is often marked with a red "Rara" stamp on the corresponding index card.

On Saturdays, stack room orders are processed from 01:45 to 02:15 p.m. only.

Loan availability:

Usually 4 weeks, can be extended up to 5 times (place your request using Knowledge Portal Primo and pick up at the circulation desk)

Rara: no loan possible; use only on site (please request at the circulation desk)



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